What I'm Currently Watching

One Tree Hill 
I've seen this TV show already back when I was still in high school and I loved it so much! I'm currently having a marathon on Netflix and I miss watching this so much. Haley, Nathan, Lucas and Brooke.. I love Brooke so much! She's such a great character!

I remember when I first started watching this show, I was so hooked onto it! Everyone loves Olivia Pope. You should definitely start watching this show if you haven't already!

Switched At Birth
This show is about two girls who obviously got switched at birth. One of the girl named Daphne is deaf. It's really interesting.

If you love music then this show if for you! The songs in this show is amazing and the guy's in this show is so good looking! Jamal Lyon is my favourite! He's so cute and his voice is so good.

How To Get Away With Murder
Everyone knows this show. Everyone talks about this show. To be honest though, the first season was good but I find the second season to be a bit boring.

What shows are your favourites? Leave them in the comment below so I can check them out!

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