Hair Care Routine | How I Maintain My Grey Hair

I always get asked how I maintain my grey hair without it being getting brassy so today, I am going to share with you how! Let's just back track a little about my hair — So for the longest time, I have always used box hair dye on my hair, so it was always brassy. But at the time, I didn't know and liked the colour I had (I was young). I was always afraid of bleaching my hair because I thought it would really damage my hair.



Oops, I am back with another haul but this time - I have some exciting things to share! So today, Mecca finally released their holiday gift sets and I went a little crazy. I walked into my local Mecca store and was so excited. Everything was so colourful and there were so many cute holiday sets to look at! I did spent quite a while in there. I asked the girls which holiday set are their favourite so I can check them out. It was very hard not to put everything into my tiny basket but I am so happy with my purchases.



iHerb Haul

Hello my loves! It's been awhile since I last showed you a haul so today I am going to share with you what I have purchased from iHerb. Every single time that iHerb has a sale on Real Technique brushes, I always end up purchasing something! I really enjoying Real Technique brushes, especially their face brushes because I think they're amazing.
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