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Hello my beautiful readers. I have yet gone MIA for a month now and I have missed blogging so much. Honestly, so much has happened in the past month. My personal life, family, work etc has definitely been overwhelming for me. If you followed me on my personal Twitter, then you would already know that my Mum was in hospital. It was very shocking to my sister and I because she is normally healthy and well. But let me assure you that she is okay now. She just needs to do some scanning.

My new job has also been very overwhelming me. The past two weeks, I have been up early from 5AM and doing 8-9 hours shift, so by the time I come home, I am very exhausted. I just want to relax and watch The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. I love Netflix so much. If you want to try out Netflix, definitely do their 30 day trial to see if you like it. I've already watched Prison Break on it and now onto TVD.

Some exciting news! I am moving on from my current department into a premium department (for reference, I work in hospitality). I am very excited to this new move but sad at the same time because it means I'm going to be separated from my friends I have already made.

Please send me some suggestions on what you would like to see on my blog. It's been awhile and I have no idea what to write about. I might do a blog post on my hair. If you follow me on Instagram, then you would of seen my new balayage silver hair. I'm not joking when I get compliment on my hair at least once every single day. Thank you very much to those who are still around and supporting me. I have been getting followers even though I haven't blogged lately, and I'm so grateful for all the new readers! I love you all. Until next time.

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