Empties #8

Hello gorgeous! I have a bag filled with empty products that I want to throw out. Some stuff you probably have seen before but that just means that it's my favourite product! Let's get right into it, shall we?


My go-to long wearing products

Hello my beautiful readers! I am back with a blog post for you all today! Today I am sharing with you my go-to, holy grail products when I know I have a long day ahead of me. I have been at my new job for a little over a month now, and I work at least 8-9 hours a day, five days a week. So of course, I want something that is long wearing every single time I go to work. These are some of the products that I find that lasts on me the whole day.


Skincare Routine

Hello my beautiful readers! I am FINALLY doing a post on my skin care routine! I have been wanting to do one for the longest time but I have been having trouble to find products that actually work for my skin. For reference, I have normal to dry skin. I have been having some trouble with my skin the past few months - it was very prone to eczema but I have finally got everything under control and could not be happier!


MAC Blush Collection

Hello my beautiful readers! Today I am going to share with you my MAC blush collection. I am very, very late on the MAC game as most of you know, because I will never pay the ridiculous price for them in Australia. So I did go crazy on them when I purchased these online over in the U.S., you can check out my haul here. Now in my collection, I have 4 powder blush and 1 mineralise blush. The powder blush here in Australia is $41AUD and the mineralise blush costs $45AUD. I also did not realise that I have 4/5 of the different finishes that the powder blush comes in.
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