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Hello my beautiful readers! Today I am going to share with you my MAC blush collection. I am very, very late on the MAC game as most of you know, because I will never pay the ridiculous price for them in Australia. So I did go crazy on them when I purchased these online over in the U.S., you can check out my haul here. Now in my collection, I have 4 powder blush and 1 mineralise blush. The powder blush here in Australia is $41AUD and the mineralise blush costs $45AUD. I also did not realise that I have 4/5 of the different finishes that the powder blush comes in.

Left to right: Warm Soul, Melba, Margin, Fleur Power and Peaches.

- Warm Soul (mineralise blush) is a peachy colour with a hint of red. This is a great one if you want a nice glow on the cheeks because of the gold shimmers.
- Melba (matte finish) is a warm peachy colour that is great on everyone, it just warms up your complexion so well. Since it is a matte finish, it is very pigmented and smooth.
- Margin (frost finish) is my kind of colour. It is the perfect peachy-pink colour with gold shimmers to it. The shimmer is not noticeable when applied to the cheeks, instead it gives you a nice glow.
- Fleur Power (satin finish) is a nice warm toned pink. It is very pigmented and looks gorgeous on the cheeks.
- Peaches (sheer tone finish) is exactly like the name, a very nice peachy colour. Since it is a sheer tone finish, it is not as pigmented but you can easily build up the pigmentation.

I am in love with MAC blushes and will definitely be picking up some more. I am eyeing Springsheen and Sunbasque. Let me know in the comments down below some of your favourite MAC blushes.

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