First Impression on the Tony Moly I'm Real Face Mask

I have been all about face mask lately. I decided to purchase some online a few weeks ago and the Tony Moly I'm Real Tea Tree face mask just came in the mail. I decided to do a first impression on it to share with you my experience with this face mask. First off, Tony Moly is a Korean brand that sells make-up and skincare products. I have heard a few of my favourite YouTubers mention this brand and was curious about their product.

The "I'm Real" face mask range have 11 different kind of masks. They have 3 types of essence:
- Watery type essence: Lemon (brightening), Tea Tree (soothing), Tomato (radiance), Aloe (moisturising), Pomegranate (elasticity).
- Micro emulsion type essence: Red wine (pore cleansing), Seaweeds (purifying), Broccoli (reviving liveliness of skin).
- Oil type essence: Rice (pure and clear skin), Avocado (nourishment), Makegeolli (purifying).

I chose the Tea Tree one which is for skin soothing. It claims that this mask would get rid of uneven skin tone. I have normal to dry skin with a bit of redness on my cheeks. Prior to putting the mask on my face, I just had a shower and cleansed my face. My skin was a bit dry around my cheeks and forehead.

When I opened this face mask, it had a subtle tea tree smell that did not bother me at all. The mask isn't too big and fits on my face perfectly, apart from the upper lip part which is a tad big. They said to leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes which I did not follow, and left it on for 40 minutes instead. Oops! My face had this cooling feeling to it when I had this mask on. Once I took it off, I pat the remaining essence into my skin. It did leave my skin feeling a bit sticky but my face was left so soft. The dry places on my skin wasn't dry anymore. I'm not too sure about getting rid of uneven skin tone since I only used this mask once but it didn't irritate my skin.

My overall conclusion is that I really like this mask. I will buy the tea tree skin soothing one again but I would like to try other mask from the range, such as the lemon, tomatoes and aloe.

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