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Keeping my lips moisturised is a must in my book. I can't stand the feeling of not having anything protecting my lips. My lips will feel dry and then I'll start licking it to make it feel moisturised, when I know I'm only going to make it worst. So I always carry a lip balm with me no matter what.

I am a long time fan of Nivea lip balms. They are my absolute favourite. You will see me carrying a Nivea lip balm no matter what. I have tried all of the Nivea lip balms and my absolute favourite is the Hydrocare one which I sadly, ran out of. But I seriously still have so many lip balms from Nivea to use up before purchasing any more.

I am currently carrying the Nivea Pure & Natural in Chamomile and Calendula which is great at moisturising my lip. When I want a bit of colour to my lips yet still moisturises them, I gravitate towards the Fruity Shine range, and I have the Peach one opened right now. It smells AMAZING. You guys need to go buy this and smell it.

When my lips are absolutely cracked, I love using Palmer's Lip Butter in Dark Chocolate & Cherry. It smells like cherry ripe. This one makes my lip feel so nice and soft the next day, a life saver for my lips when in need.

What are some of your favourite lip balms?

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