Blog Makeover: New URL & Layout

Hi guys! If you have been visiting my page for the last few days, you would know that my page was under construction! I wanted to start 2015 with a brand new URL name and a new theme. I know that my URL is still quite similar but I decided to change it so it's the same as my Twitter and Instagram, "Miss Blushaholic".

I am hoping that the year 2015, I will be more motivated to blog more often! I know that I was on and off during 2014, but I really do miss blogging. I am hoping that Miss Blushaholic would grow in 2015. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and my blog over the past 2 years! I promise I will try and be more consistent in the upcoming year.

I hope everyone have a wonderful and safe New Year! I love you guys xx

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