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Hello my loves! Sorry that I haven't blogged in over a month. Although I have not blogged, I still managed to go shopping and did some MAJOR damage to my bank account. I have been on a high end kick lately. I've always been a Priceline kind of gal, and only some time would I spoil myself with something high end. But girrrrrrl, the amount of times I was in and out of Mecca is outrageous!

Recently Priceline held their 40% off cosmetics sale for 2 days only. Of course I went to pick up some things that I did not really need but wanted to try out. Plus I had my $30 voucher for so long because I was waiting for the 40% off cosmetics sale to use it, so I finally did!
The last time Priceline held their 40% off cosmetics sale, I was a bit sad that I didn't pick up ANY Essence product since I have heard so many great things about it. So this time around, I picked up the Get Big Lashes mascara because I read somewhere that this is a great mascara, plus it's waterproof! I was a bit sad that my local Priceline didn't have any of the In The Nude lip liner which is well hyped about, but I did pick up the other 3 shades in Red Blush, Wish Me A Rose and Satin Mauve. They also came out with a new Blush Up blush in Pinky Flow so I picked it up as well, since I enjoyed Heat Wave so much.

I have never tried any product from Models Prefer but they came out with a new range of Mineral Powder and baked blushes! I picked up the mineral powder in Radiant Bronze which is a nice satin bronze colour - perfect for everyday. There isn't a whole lot of shimmer in it, it gives you a nice sheen which I really like. I've been using this every day for the past 4-5 days and have been really enjoying it! I was running out of my Face Of Australia face base primer (purple tube) so I thought I would pick up a new one, but their black tube instead because it has SPF15 which is perfect for the upcoming Summer! Lastly I picked up some lip products from L'Oreal. These are called the Colour Riche Extraordinaire and I picked up 3 shades called Rose Finale, Molto Mauve and Fuchsia Drama.
Now I didn't pick up this palette during their 40% off but I got them as soon as they hit the shelf at my local Priceline. The palette that everyone is hunting for at Priceline and Big W, the Australis AC ON TOUR Contouring & Highlighting Kit. I haven't used shades 1-3 as much as I would like too, but I have tried shades 4-6 because I'm a contour/bronzer kind of girl. Let me just tell you that I LOVE shade 4 and 6, but shade 5 made me look SO muddy! If you see this at your Priceline or Big W, definitely pick it up because I think it's well worth the money.
Next up is Mecca Maxima. I have been on a Nars kick lately. My first Nars purchase was a blush called Amour which I love. The shade is absolutely right up my alley and I will be purchasing more of their blushes in the future. I was being naughty and picked up Nars Laguna as well since I hit pan on my Benefit Hoola bronzer, and wanted to try something new. Lastly, I got a sample of Nars Sheer Glow foundation that I like enough to buy the full size bottle and also I bought a pump to go along with it. Mecca recently started to stock Josie Maren and the day that they stocked Josie Maren in store, I went and swatched their Argan Illuminizer and it was the prettiest thing ever!!! You guys seriously need to go and swatch this in store and fall in love with it. I picked up the last one that day and have not seen it in stock ever since, hehehe.

Last but not least, Mecca and their new holiday collection! I picked up the Too Faced Melted Kisses lipstick. The mini size are super cute and it is affordable if you want to try them without wanting to buy a full size, plus you get to try 4 different shades! This would make the perfect Christmas gift.
I went to Myers and picked up their Chi Chi Super BB Cream that everyone loved so much. I like how it has SPF30 in it which is perfect for the upcoming Summer, and it's super light weight! I also got matched for my first MAC foundation ever! I went with the Studio Sculpt foundation because my friend recommended it me and I really like it. Plus they were having 10% off that day so... Oops! I also used my Myer $20 voucher and bought myself the Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum. I used the sample one day and really liked how soft it made my skin feel so I bought the full size!
Because I need more eyeshadows in my life haha. Lorac came out with their limited edition Mega Pro palette that everyone is literally going crazy over! I picked up 2 when Amazon first stocked it on their site. One of them was for my friend's birthday so I thought I should pick one up for myself too, and luckily I did because I love this palette so much. 16 matte shades and 16 shimmer shades! Seriously this palette is all you need. Along with that, Amazon finally stocked the Lorac Pro To Go palette which I wanted for a really long time. It's super cute and convenient for travelling. It comes with 2 blush, 1 bronzer and 6 eyeshadows.
If that wasn't enough shopping for me, I made a massive online order. Again I used PriceUSA to get my Sephora and MAC order to me and I couldn't be happier. If you want to read my first experience with PriceUSA then just click here.

Now onto the exciting stuff!! Sephora was having their 20% off VIB Rouge sale so I made an order. This time around, I also made a MAC order so they can consolidate both of my orders. At first I was a bit scared about consolidating my order because I have never done so before. But I am happy with their service and everything came safe & sound! Originally I wanted the Tarte Pin Up Girl palette but it was sold out so I chose the Hourglass Ambient Blush palette. Also the Nars Virtual Domination palette!! Oh my god this palette is AMAZING! I love the packaging and it has a good weight to it. The Nars Laguna in this palette has MORE product than the individual compact. Honestly if I knew this, I wouldn't have bought the individual compact but oh well!
Next it the Benefit Spot Box O'Blushes! This is so cute, I really love all the holiday palettes this year. Last year I don't think I bought anything because I wasn't really into high end products but this year, I'm going crazy haha. Last but not least, I bought Becca Opal highlighter because of who? Guess! We all know Jaclyn Hill LOVES Becca Opal and I love Jaclyn Hill so I bought this because of her. Let me just say as soon as I opened it, IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!! I had a Jaclyn Hill moment.
I don't buy MAC make up often. I only own 3 Pro Longwear concealers, FIX+ and recently picked up a foundation. My friend gifted me a MAC lipstick and MAC Warm Soul Blush. That's my MAC collection. So I went crazy. I thought I would get the most talked about MAC products that everyone loves, plus I had some help from watching Jaclyn Hill's video and my friend Nina's recommendation.

I picked up 3 MAC blushes in Peaches, Melba and Fleur Power. The other MAC Blush is Margin which my manager kindly gifted to me as a Christmas present. I also picked up two Mineralise Skin Finish in Cheeky Bronze and Soft & Gentle. Lastly I got 6 lipsticks! The shades that I picked up are Faux, Up The Amp, Velvet Teddy, Please Me, Creme Cup and Cherish.

Please let me know if you want to see close up shots of any of the products I purchased or swatches even! I am super excited to start playing with all my new goodies, especially from Sephora & MAC because they just came in yesterday! I really need to go a spending ban ASAP but we all know that's not going to happen because Christmas is coming up... But I will try and restrain myself. If you do have any questions for me, please leave a comment down below or tweet me and I will get back to you! I hope you enjoyed this really long post but until next time, xx.

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  1. Wow that is one impressive haul!!

  2. Holy moly Nhi that is some haul!!
    I've heard good things about the Australis kit too.
    My friend recently gave me the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush palette and it's just gorgeous - can't bear to use it!!!
    That NARS palette is just to die for as well!!
    Girl you have enough makeup to last a lifetime I swear...


    1. I know! I don't want to use my Hourglass and Nars palette.. It's just too beautiful to use :(

  3. Did you purchase the Benefit "Cheeky Sweet Spot" on Sephora? I can't seem to find it anymore :(

    1. Yes I did! I just checked and it's out of stock on Sephora x

  4. Oh my gosh what an amazing haul! You won't know what to pick when you go to do your makeup in the morning! I would love to see swatches of the MAC lipsticks :) x

    1. I haven't even swatch the MAC lipsticks myself yet. They're so pretty but I will do a swatch post soon! :) x

  5. lovely haul !


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