Review: Maybelline Color Elixirs

Hi everyone!
If you follow me on Instagram, I just posted a photo of these Maybelline Color Elixirs Color Sensational Creamy Lip Lacquer (phew, that was a mouthful). These are my current favourite! These are my go-to when I do not want to wear a lipstick but still want some sort of colour on my lips.
Left to right: Nude Illusion, Caramel Infused, Petal Plush, Blush Essence, Hibiscus Haven

Maybelline claims that these provide:
  • Saturated colour of a lipstick
  • Cushiony feel like a lip balm
  • Shine like a lip gloss
I love the packaging of these colour elixirs. They look like a lipstick but it actually comes with an applicator once you open it. The size of this is like a normal lip balm so it would be easy to throw into your pocket or hand bag.

Texture & smell:
Maybelline Color Elixirs do have a slight floral smell to them that is not too obnoxious. The texture of these lip lacquers is quite thick but isn't too sticky. I am the type of girl who hates wearing lip glosses but I adore these! Some of the shades available do not have any shimmer in them which I prefer but I really like all of the shades I have.

I really like how pigmented this lip lacquers are! When they are applied on the lips, I agree that they do feel cushiony like a lip balm. However, since these are quite thick in texture, they do feel sort of sticky but not too sticky, if you know what I mean! For a girl who hates wearing lip glosses, I really enjoy wearing these are they are my go-to at the moment.

My favourite MLBB shade is Caramel Infused. I LOVE this shade so much. All of these lip lacquers looks great on its own for a bit of colour or over a lipstick for that extra shine. They come in a great colour selection of 12 shades, from a light pink, to a nude, a red, purple and an orange! I will be definitely picking up some more of these, especially the brighter shades for Spring/Summer.

Chemist Warehouse is currently having a 50% off sale right now so definitely give these a go. I highly recommend them!

Price: $17.95 AUD
Availability: Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Big W, Target, Kmart and anywhere else that stocks Maybelline.
Left to right: Nude Illusion, Caramel Infused, Petal Plush, Blush Essence, Hibiscus Haven

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  1. Love the shades you chose. I have 3 shades, I like them but because they are so thick I'm always afraid they are going to smudge off onto my teeth. I have braces so I'm constantly worried about staining. But I find I can apply a little bit & still get a decent colour pay off.

    Melanie | Melaniface

  2. I have Caramel Infused as well and absolutely love it as a MLBB too! I really love the formula though none of the other shades are really jumping out at me! They are super pretty though.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I really want these! But in my local drugstores there are almost $9 which is crazy for me to spend on a small lipgloss! If I manage to catch them on sale I would purchase them but the pricetag is just to high for me!

    Check out my blog?
    I also make blog designs & graphics if you are interested!
    Krystal | Little Beauty Bug <3 & Bloglovin'


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