Valentine's Day Gift: Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer

This year for Valentine's Day, my boyfriend got me the new Katy Perry perfume — the Killer Queen Oh So Sheer which is limited edition. The original Killer Queen has been out for awhile now, the red one, and I quite like the smell but I never purchased it. When I saw this Oh So Sheer in the catalogue, my boyfriend noticed and he bought it for me. I never expected him to notice what I was looking at in the catalogue so it was really sweet when he got this for me.
Funny story. So you know how Priceline was having that 2 day sales with the 40% off fragrances? Well I thought I didn't need to get anything until the very last day when the stores are all closed, that I wanted to get this perfume. It was so cheap! It was only $30 after the 40% off sale which is a bargain considering this bottle is 100mL! I never told my boyfriend this but two days later, I received it! (FYI I never smelt this perfume before until the day I got it)

If you know me, I love purple. Everything I have is purple, like my room, my car etc. So this purple bottle is perfect and I'm so glad I now have this in my collection! The scent of this perfume isn't too strong compared to the original Killer Queen. The original is more suitable for a night time wear, whereas the Oh So Sheer is more suitable for day time! I really love the bottle of this person - I reckon it's super cute.

The Killer Queen Oh So Sheer has top notes of Forest Fruits, Mulberry, Black Currant and Plum; middle notes of Celosia, Frangipani, Jasmine and Freesia; base notes of Cashmere Wood, Patchouli, Praline and Caramel.

Priceline has the Killer Queen Oh So Sheer retails for $59. Like I mentioned before, it contains 100mL and is an Eau De Parfum.

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