Review: The Balm Instain Blush

I did a massive haul from The Balm during their Cyber Monday sale and you guys wanted me to review some products, so here I am to review these Instain Blushes! I find it a bit funny how my blog name is "Miss Blushaholic" yet I rarely post anything about blushes. If you saw my blush collection, you would be surprised at how many blushes I own. So maybe I should do a blush collection post? Only if you guys are interested.
My thoughts:
First off - let's talk about packaging. How cute are the packaging of these blushes? It's like a magazine cover! I absolutely love The Balm's cute packaging and the way they play their words. It's super cute. I own two of the Instain blushes in Swiss Dot and Argyle. Swiss Dot is a deep coral shade that is absolutely pigmented, and Argyle is a baby pink shade which I love. Out of the two, I use Argyle the most just because it gives a nice flush of colour to the cheek! It's great for everyday. These are powder blushes but they are supposed to stain your cheeks. Crazy right? But they do stain your cheeks which means they have a good lasting power. You have to be careful with these blushes since they are so pigmented, you can over-do them. I really like these blushes and I want to own them all!
Price: $26.95AUD or $22USD
Available at: David Jones or their online site. You can receive 10% off on your first purchase plus free shipping if you spend over around $85USD.

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  1. Always been interested in trying the Balm! The packaging is just amazing and these colours look gorg! xx

    Sue x

  2. Would love to see a blush collection post! These sound great :)

  3. I have been wanting to try these blushes out. Blushes fade away on me so quickly, I need something that's more long wearing.

  4. These look really good! I've seen them before but didn't bother with them because I thought they were cream blushes and I don't really like them but after seeing this I'm thinking I should get one!

  5. A friend of mine got these recently and I've always thought they looked beautiful :) They look so pigmented but the colours are still so wearable :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  6. Such gorgeous colours! I've always loved thebalm products but I nv seem to purchase them. Please show us your blush collection, I would really love to see it! :D


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