November 2013 Wishlist

Hi guys! I'm doing something different today by posting a wish list! I love reading other people's wish list, so I thought why not? I shall see how many items I can tick off eventually!
  1. Mimco Pouch in Dusty Pink I have always wanted a Mimco pouch but when I saw this colour - love at first sight! It's so pretty! I really like the rose gold on it too.
  2. Tilkah Veruca Salt Tote First laid eyes on this bag about 2 years ago but I never got it just because I didn't want to fork the money out for it. But it's still on my wish list so maybe one day.
  3. The Balm 'Balm Voyage' palette When I saw Emily Noel from Beauty Broadcast talk about this, I needed to get it! I already have 3 palettes from the Balm and this needs to be in my collection.
  4. Prada sunglasses I need a new pair of sunnies for the upcoming Summer and this one is gorgeous!
  5. Prada Saffiana Lux Small Tote Look how pretty it is!
  6. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer This is a gorgeous high lighter! I already have it in one of the Balm holiday palette 'Balm Jovi' but I want the actual compact.
That's it guys! What are on your wish lists?

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  1. Ah, that Prada bag is seriously gorgeous! I'm definitely adding that to my own personal wish list :)

    1. I love the style so much! It is gorgeous :')

  2. I have the Prada bag in my wishlist too! And I've got the Mim Pouch in black/rose gold, it doesn't hold much but I love it anyway ^-^

    1. I just recently purchased my Mimco Pouch & I love it!!! :)


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