Review: Australis Matte Out Mattifying Face Base

Hello my beautiful readers! First off, I am so sorry for the lack of posts. I know there is absolutely no excuse for it! I have been thinking about what I should post next, and I thought I should do it on my most-used mattifying primer. I don't try Australis products much but I have heard a lot of good things about it. If you don't know, Benefit has a similar primer that comes in a stick form too called the "Stay Flawless 15 Hour" primer.

This is supposed to create a 'shine free zone' which absorbs the oils on your face wherever you need it.  It also claims to 'brighten and adjust skin tone'. I love this product because it's in a stick form where you can just easily put over all over your face. It blends really nicely into the skin, creating a good base before applying foundation or BB cream.  I know the product is purple but it does not apply onto the face purple. I apply this to my T-Zone and it makes my skin really smooth. This product leaves my face feeling matte for a good 6 hours before I see that there is a bit of shine on my forehead.

This mattifying face base stick contains 7.5g worth of product for $13.95AUD. Priceline is currently having a 30% off sale on Australis face and lip products, so you can purchase this for only $9.76. Sale ends Monday 23 September 2013.

Please leave me a comment down below any other Australis products that you recommend! I would love to try them. Thank you for reading, have a great day/night!

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  1. I love this one, works so well on me! (I actually forgot I had it.. must use it more now that the weather is warmer!)


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