Inglot Freedom System Palette

Every single time, Chadstone Shopping Centre has a VIP night - I would always walk into Inglot and then just walk out. About five months ago, I did a lot of research on which shade of eyeshadow I should get but I never bought any. But last night, if you didn't know, was Chadstone VIP day. I walked into Inglot and looked around, contemplating whether or not I should purchase anything but in the end, I did.

I went ahead and got the 4 eyeshadow Freedom System Palette. Let me just say that choosing 4 eyeshadows was very hard. There was so many to choose from! Let me break down the price of the freedom palette.
  • Freedom System Palette 4 Eyeshadow Square - $13 AUD
  • Freedom System Eyeshadow Refill Square 2.5g - $10 AUD 

I knew that I wanted matte eyeshadows because I don't have a matte highlight shade and not many blending shades. I do have 'Naked' from the Naked palette but that's pretty much it. I ended up picking the shade #330, #360, #402 and #405.
  • #330 is a matte eyeshadow that I would describe as a creamy beige colour. I cannot wait to use this shade as a highlight colour under my brow bone and quite possible in the inner corners of my eyes.
  • #360 was also a matte eyeshadow that I decided to pick up. There were so many different brown shades to choose from that I couldn't really decide. This may be too dark as a blending colour but I will work with it. I would say that this shade is a taupey colour with gray undertones.
  • #402 is described as a shimmery taupe colour with a pearl finish. I love taupes, I have so many in my collection that I probably didn't need this shade. A lot of people say that this shade is a dupe for MAC Satin Taupe which I don't have but I always wanted it.
  • #405 was the last eyeshadow I decided to get. I wanted something different that I don't already have. This eyeshadow is described as a coppery-brown colour with a pearl finish. When I swatched this, I was so surprised at how pigmented it was and when you look at it with a different angle, it looks amazing.

Inglot was having a 15% off everything as their sale for the VIP Night. So this whole palette costed me $45.05AUD. I love the magnetic closure of the Freedom System palette, it is very secured. I would definitely take this palette if I was so travel because I know it won't be easy to break. I definitely would purchase the 10 square eyeshadow palette which costs only $20! Maybe in the next VIP night at Chadstone. I am so impressed by the pigmentation of the eyeshadows and the wide range of colours to choose from, from neutrals to brights.

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