Review: L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow - 033 Tender Caramel

I have always wanted to try these L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow after seeing many YouTube Gurus rave about these last year. They are quite expensive here in Australia, being $19.95 each. So when I saw this for only $8 at a small Chemist, I had to grab one! I always wear a neutral eye if I ever wear eyeshadows and I love taupe shades! If you see my collection of make-up, most of my eyeshadows are very neutral. So I picked up the shade 033 - Tender Caramel which is a gorgeous shimmery taupe shade.

L'Oreal's Description:
Infallible eyeshadows contain an exceptionally high level of colour pigments, for an intense colour finish. The colour adheres to the eyelid as durably and comfortably as a second skin. With a formulation that lies between the comfort of a cream and the ease of application of a powder, Infallible eyeshadow contains an exceptionally high proportion of binders (oils) for the softest, most velvety eyeshadow.
My thoughts:
This eyeshadow has a buttery feel to it, it feels really smooth and very pigmented. I love how I can just wear this eyeshadow alone and it gives me a lot of dimension to my eye look. I don't need to pack on a lot of product because the pigmentation of this eyeshadow is incredible. It lasts quite well on my eyes without fading. I will definitely pick up more of these eyeshadows just because the quality and pigmentation is amazing. I don't think Priceline sells this shade, maybe because it has been discontinued hence why I found it at a really cheap price? I'm not quite too sure but I love this shade! Definitely one of my favourite so if you spot these anywhere, GRAB IT! You will love it.

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  1. I've seen other blog posts about Tender Caramel and I think it looks so gorgeous! $20 is way too much to pay for one pot of eyeshadow (I would rather buy a nice palette for a bit more!). So jealous you got it at such a great price :P

    1. I hope to spot out some more good deals because I really want to pick up some more! :) I agree, palettes are way more affordable. You can get like 12 UD eyeshadows for like $50

  2. This sounds like a really great eyeshadow! But I have to agree $20 is quite ridiculous for a single product.

    Louise | Vanity Corner

    1. I know which is why I never purchase L'Oreal stuff! It's so expensive, especially for an eyeshadow..


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