First Impression: L'Oreal Super Liner Gel Liner in 01 Black

Hello beauties. Are you the type of girl who cannot live without eyeliner? Because I can't! I love how it can make my eyes appear more bigger and it really completes an eye look. I go through phases where I like liquid eyeliner, then gel liner, then back to liquid. I switch it around quite a fair bit. The only gel liner I have used is the Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner but that dried up for me so I don't use it anymore. Currently I am using my favourite — the Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner.

Left to right: Swatch, rubbed once, rubbed again with water.

The claims: 
Super Liner is a long lasting waterproof Gel Eyeliner that gives you a dramatic eye look with perfect application thanks to the high precision brush.

My thoughts:
I bought this L'Oreal Super Liner Gel Liner awhile back and have not had the chance to use it, so I thought why not do a first impression on it. This gel liner comes with a high precision brush which is convenient for those who don't have to buy or find a separate brush, which may be a hassle.. This gel liner retails for $24.95 AUD which is quite pricey for a gel liner, but what do you expect from L'Oreal? I like how black the liner was and the brush gives you a nice precise line when doing your liner. I have tested the waterproof claim which you can see yourself. Keep in mind that I rubbed it once, then rubbed it again with water. I do wear contact lenses everyday and this did not smudge on me which I like. Overall I am happy with the product so far but I won't repurchase just because of the price.

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