Swatch: Maybelline Color Sensational Color Whisper - Oh La Lilac

Happy Sunday! I am back to do a swatch post on my very first Maybelline Color Sensational Color Whisper in the shade 90 Oh La Lilac. Maybelline launched the Color Whisper range around three weeks ago here in Australia. I couldn't help myself but just buy one when I saw Chemist Warehouse had these for 15% off so I paid $12.69 for it. I couldn't decide which colour I wanted to get, I was debating through this one and Pink Possibilities. But I then decided to get the one that I really wanted.

What Maybelline says about these Color Whispers: Ultra-clear, flexible gel formula with pure pigments ensures lightweight, sheer colour that doesn't cake the lips. No heavy waxes or oils. Just a kiss of shine.
RRP: $14.95
Net Weight: 3g

Left swatch: Heavy / Right swatch: One swipe

You can see that these are sheer but very buildable. I am so excited to purchase all of the 8 shades that are available here in Australia. These are so beautiful. The packaging of these Color Whispers are thinner than the normal Color Sensational lipsticks which makes it super handy. Let me know if you own any of these Color Whispers and tell me your thoughts about these!

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  1. Really keen to try some! Looks very moisturising!

  2. I definitely want to try a couple of these out; I love my Revlon lip butters so these are right up my alley. It sucks they haven't released all of the colours here. :( x


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