iKateHouse Haul - E.L.F, Red Cherry and Cherry Blossom.

Hello everyone. Last week I made my first iKateHouse order with my friend Nina from Hause of Makeup. I placed the order on Monday (15/07/13) night and it got sent out the following morning. Well it got sent out on Tuesday morning at 4AM when I was still sleeping. I was so surprised how fast my package got sent out. It has been exactly a week after I placed my order and it arrived today! I am very satisfied with the shipping since it came in within a week. Definitely two thumbs up for me.

Now onto the exciting part — what I ordered! I'll list the price and everything.

First off I got some lashes. I love my Ardell lashes but many people on YouTube talk about Red Cherry lashes so I had to try some for myself. Guess why I got the #43 lashes? *Hint ... Broadcast* Well this whole order was because of her after she raves about them.

I got 3 Red Cherry lashes and 1 Cherry Blossom lashes but I am pretty sure they are from the same company, just different packaging. So the 3 Red Cherry lashes are #43, #WSP and #747M - these were $1.99 each. Whereas the Cherry Blossom lashes are $1.49 each and I got #415.

I have tried a few ELF products but I have never tried their eyeshadows. After Emily from Beauty Broadcast raves about them, I had to try. I don't have any 'custom' made palettes so I'm pretty happy that I bought these. They are very affordable too! The compact were $1.99 each and the single shadows were $1.00 each. Super cheap!

The custom eyeshadows I got (in order) were Golden Glow, Truly Pink, Mocha, Driftwood, Moondust, Wheat, Pink Ice and Ivory. Yes I know... The colours I got are very similar to each other but oh well.

I definitely recommending ordering from this site if you are interested in E.L.F cosmetics or Red Cherry lashes. They also sell NYX too. I paid less than $14 for shipping when I had 19 items (including Nina's item as well) so it is super affordable.

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  1. So many goodies!!! So cheap as well, nice!

  2. I love the idea of those custom palettes! You picked some gorgeous colours! xx

  3. I must try the red cherry lashes!!

  4. Those elf custom eyeshadows are really good! I have a palette at home and I'll probably pick up another one, they are so richly pigmented...and each eyeshadow is worth $1. Such a bargain!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  5. Hey there! Just a clarification, Red Cherry Lashes are actually a product of Troika International, Inc. and Cherry Blossoms are a copycat brand. Totally different companies!


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