50 Years of Neutrogena (Australia) Gift Pack

I came home from work one day seeing this gift pack my sister got from Neutrogena and I was curious how she got it, but I never asked her. Until I read Amanda's post from Thai Tales I knew where to get it.

So Neutrogena is giving out free gift packs on their Facebook page. Just simply like their page and go to this link so you can fill out your details and they will ship a gift pack to you.
The gift pack comes with 5 mini samples which includes:
  1. Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion 14mL
  2. Oil-Free Acne Wash - Microclear 14mL
  3. Deep Clean Oil-Free Gentle Scrub 15mL
  4. Norwegian Formula Hand Cream 14mL
  5. Oil-Free Acne Wash - Pink Gradefruit Foaming Scrub 14mL

You also get some vouchers as well! You can pick what product you want a voucher for. You simply choose when you are filling out your details. I have seen many people getting save $5 vouchers whereas I got the save 30% off vouchers. I know my sister has the $5 vouchers.

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  1. Got mine a few weeks ago as well - so cute haha!
    Also yessss, missing the Gold Coast so much! Such a great place for a getaway!

  2. That's awesome! Didn't know they were doing this, thanks for the info! Haha.


  3. Thanks for the mention! Glad there was still some left for you to get!


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