50 Years of Neutrogena (Australia) Gift Pack

I came home from work one day seeing this gift pack my sister got from Neutrogena and I was curious how she got it, but I never asked her. Until I read Amanda's post from Thai Tales I knew where to get it.

So Neutrogena is giving out free gift packs on their Facebook page. Just simply like their page and go to this link so you can fill out your details and they will ship a gift pack to you.
The gift pack comes with 5 mini samples which includes:
  1. Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion 14mL
  2. Oil-Free Acne Wash - Microclear 14mL
  3. Deep Clean Oil-Free Gentle Scrub 15mL
  4. Norwegian Formula Hand Cream 14mL
  5. Oil-Free Acne Wash - Pink Gradefruit Foaming Scrub 14mL

You also get some vouchers as well! You can pick what product you want a voucher for. You simply choose when you are filling out your details. I have seen many people getting save $5 vouchers whereas I got the save 30% off vouchers. I know my sister has the $5 vouchers.

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Collective Haul: iHerb, Priceline and Chemist Warehouse

Hello everyone! So sorry for not posting anything in the last two weeks. I'm really bad at this so no more making promises because I can never find the time for it. I'll just post whenever I feel like it. Plus, please let me know if you want me to review or swatch anything — that way I will make sure I'll do a post on it for my lovely viewers! Just tweet me here or leave me a comment down below!

First off, let's get the not so exciting part out of the way. If you didn't already know, I made my first purchase with iHerb.com just because I have always wanted Real Techniques brushes and iHerb was having a 20% off sale. I did do a post before this letting you all know about the sale. My order came in within the 5 working days (so a little more than a week including the weekend). The delivery time was excellent, it came in so quickly and I did choose the cheapest shipping of $4. My friends who also made an order got theirs earlier by 3 days because they chose the $12 shipping which includes tracking.

I definitely recommend those who are interested in Real Techniques brushes to purchase theirs on iHerb! They also sell Physicians Formula, E.L.F. and EcoTools! You can get $10 off on your first purchase if you spend over $40. Just enter the coupon code BCQ990 when you are checking out, or spend less than $40 and you still get $5 off!
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