Haul: Sleek MakeUp

Sorry for posting another haul but I just came home from work and these were in my mail box! I have been waiting for these for awhile now and I'm so excited to use them! I do own some Sleek MakeUp eyeshadow palettes (the Storm and Original palette) and they are super pigmented. I bought those years ago on eBay, but these were purchased on the actual Sleek MakeUp site. I placed the order on the 5th of March 2013 and they were dispatched the very next day. Today is the 18th of March so it took almost two weeks for me to receive these in my mail box. Let's get into the fun part and see what I purchased.

The packaging are very nice and sleek. They don't feel cheap whatsoever. Both my Face Form palette and Blush by 3 palette have the same packaging because they do have three pans in them, whereas the single blushers are smaller. The single blushers are harder to open in my opinion, I have to dig my nail in where the opening is in order to open them.
Face Form Palette in Light $12.49 USD
This palette caught my interest because it has the Rose Gold blush in it. So I thought why not get this palette so I can try out the contouring powder and the highlight powder. I love putting bronzer on my face but I don't have much matte bronzers (I only have the Benefit Hoola Bronzer that is matte). I don't have much highlighters either so this palette was perfect to try out!
Blush by 3 Palette in Lace $12.49
I love blush which explains my blog name haha. This palette comes with three blushes called Crochet, Guipure and Chantilly. I feel like Guipure is very similar to Rose Gold, only more pink than coral. I need more variety of blushes in my collection.
Blush in Flamingo & Pomegranate $5.99 USD
Yes, more blush. These colours are gorgeous! I can't wait to play with these. I was going to get another Blush by 3 palette in Pink Sprint but I didn't because I thought I would try the single blushes instead and see how I like them. I'm so excited.

Shipping was surprisingly cheap to me. All of this, I only had to pay less than $5 USD for shipping. Normally when I order on Cherry Culture, it would be over $14 just for shipping. If I like these enough, I would definitely purchase more Sleek MakeUp items. Let me know if you want to see swatches on these.

Do you own any Sleek MakeUp items? What do you recommend from them?


  1. I didn't know shipping was so cheap. I'm thinking I need to make an order because I need a good contour powder in my life. :P I have quite a few of the Sleek eyeshadow palettes because I won them a long time ago... They're really good quality but I hardly touch them because I'm not too big of an eyeshadow person! xx

  2. I have been dying to try their makeup, but thought shipping was crazy expensive...glad to see it's not. Are the blushes Flamingo and Pomegranate as gorgeous swatched as they are in the pan?! (:

  3. Omg, I need to order from them. I keep meaning to but the colors of these products are making it happen soon!

    Nicole at proudproductjunkie.blogspot.com

  4. Need to get theeseee. I love Sleek.

  5. Ooh great haul! I have been wanting to try Sleek products ever since I heard about them. The next time they have a sale, I know for sure that I am going to order their blushes to try out! Both the ones that you ordered are gorgeous! By the way, I found your blog through the Beauty Broadcast community and just followed!


  6. I found your blog from Beauty Broadcast and I really like it! :) I nominated you for a Liebster Award so if you're interested you can see the details and rules and stuff on my blog :)

  7. I love the colors of the blush :) perfect for spring

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  8. Omgoshh so many blushes! ^0^ I'm definitely loving the rose gold and Guipere blushes, they're gorgeous, I'm sure they'll look amazing :)


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